Transferring Machine Embroidery Designs from Internet to machine. Here’s an easy way!


Today I sat down with a really nice lady and we did a private lesson on her embroidery machine. It was fun!

During this lesson I realized, that machine embroidery to her is just like the ipod to me.

It’s like this, I listen to my ipod daily when I’m quilting but, I hardly ever transfer new music from my itunes library and when I do want to add more songs, I can never remember how and have my teenager show me…. again.

Sometimes, I have to decide if getting new music is really worth the attitude he’s gonna throw. Blah – Teens!

Well, I’m not gonna throw any attitude at anyone, because when it comes to technology, if it’s not a sewing machine, I’m lost!

This got me thinking, I’m going to do a tutorial about transferring designs from internet purchase to cover tutorialembroidery machine, using a usb stick. That way – it’s out there and if anyone needs a little review on how to do it, it’s available…. attitude free! 🙂

Click below to get the transferring designs using bernette embroidery customizer software!

Tutorial – transferring designs using customizer

I hope this is useful. And if anyone knows of a tutorial on the ipod… let me know! Happy Embroidery and Quilting!

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