And then a medallion quilt was born


I’ve been busy doing lots of junk, but not really completing anything. Can you relate? 🙂

Sunday I had a fun play date with gaslight patternmy quilting friend. So fun! I had planned to work on a quilt using the pathways ruler. This ruler is very innovative and I love all the marking on it. It has cut out slots that makes it very easy to cut out drunkard path pieces.

This is the quilt I planned on making. Cute isn’t it. Sew Many Creations has the most adorable patterns. Wouldn’t it be a really fun class? I had cut of all my fabric before getting to my friends house, just gonna have fun and sew! YAY!

I get there and I realize I cut all 6 yards of fabric wrong! I cut 6 inch blocks instead of 7.5 inch blocks. EEK!!! okay… I make one block, trying to resize. It’s confusing and hard. No way I could teach a class how I’m re-sizing based on my mistakes. But I’m doing it.

All the time thinking… I’m going to have to re-do the sample because this isn’t going to be the same size. My block in the quilt will be much smaller than the one in the ‘real’ quilt.  I’m a big believer in sample must match class! medallian

I finally finished the block, after a 45 minute struggle. Here’s the block I made.  I like LOVE the block. I like the ruler. I think that lots of people will really love the ruler and make some cool quilts. But looking at my block and my mountain of cut fabric…  I’m thinking my fabric choice doesn’t have public appeal. I love it. Don’t think it will draw the students.

No worries – I’ll just move onto the next project. This little block can become a funky fun pillow. Maybe with little pom-pom trim around it. I could do a little sit-down ruler quilting work. Oh it could be cool.

Next project – This chevron babyUCLA-Urban-Chevrons-web from Nancy Mahoney Urban Chevrons it’s a free pattern. Love it! So darn fun. And the piecing is interesting. It uses 90degree triangles to make the chevron. I’ve taught a class that’s used half-square triangles to make the chevron and a rail fence. That was in another state and I just think with the alternating pattern/solid in the triangles would be a good class. Really working on quarter inch seams and sewing triangles together.

My only problem was I was talking way too much and we were laughing way to hard. My chevron rows moved over and I created imperfect chevrons. Oh for Pete’s sake! Another mess up… Then Jenn, brilliant Jenn, medalliansaid what about a medallion.

SO LOVE IT! Do you see my crazy chevron. It’s just off enough to be skinny/fat chevron. No class on this one. It’s going to be a crazy train wreck of a quilt with crazy fabric all thrown together! I have plans for a rouched row.

That’s my plan fRuffleCrushQuilt_1or tomorrow. I’m rouching a row and putting it on. I saw this pattern on I think the ruffle/rouching is really interesting. I’ve wanted to play around with it for a while. Doesn’t this look like the perfect opportunity! My mom would call this a happy accident. I think that’s what I’ll call this accident of a medallion quilt. Happy Accident.

Tomorrow I’ll post about the ruffle border. Even if it’s just more of a train wreak. 🙂 Until then, Happy Quilting!!! my signature

About quiltyteacherhttps://readysetquiltingclass.wordpress.comHello! I love to quilt! I love to teach! and I love love love to teach quilting!!

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