Learn your Bernina Sewing Machine


I added the Bernina Workbooks – current and retired to a new page of this blog.

I love teaching off these books and I’ve been using them… oh… about… forever. 🙂

I even found a couple of workbooks for really old bernina’s.

That’s what a crazy-can’t-thow-anything-out kind of gal I am.

If your interested in the workbooks they are all located on their very own page.

psst – wanna hear a secret, even if you don’t have a bernina, the workbooks contain really good info about thread, needles and stablizers.

And that info, is good no matter what you sew on… unless it’s one of those handheld sewing machines that you find at walgreens. You know the one, it’s a cross between a stapler and sewing machine.

Workbooks — yes definitely worth a look see. 🙂

Happy Sewing! XO

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