10 Reason Why I love to Teach Quilting!

I was thinking about this on the way home from teaching a class today. Why do I love teaching quilting classes with the white hot passion of a million burning suns?

Okay, you’re right. Maybe that is over-stating or using poetic license.

It might be the happiness talking but, today was a good day with an awesome group of ladies and class was fun!

Here’s my top 10 (ten) reasons why I love teaching quilting classes.

  1. I set my own schedule
  2. The working environment
  3. When you get to work, everyone is excited to see you
  4. People are crazy funny, especially when they are learning new things and having fun
  5. I get to talk about quilting to people who are interested in quilting
  6. Job security – there’s not a lot of us out in the work place (I think there should be more quilting teachers!)
  7. Teacher discount on fabric/notions/goodies at the quilt shop
  8. I love inspiring students to stretch their creativity out of their comfort zone
  9. The quilting community
  10. Giving back thru sewing to various charity organizations.

Until I see you again, happy quilting!

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